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Thread: Cooked white rice for dogs?

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    Default Cooked white rice for dogs?

    I few years back I visited a pitbull breeder in Miami. He also had two ABs as family pets. All his dogs looked fantastic and I asked him what he fed them. He said cooked white rice, raw chicken wings and drumsticks, and a little dry purina mixed in. Does anyone else use cooked rice as a staple for dog food? As I said, his dogs looked really great.

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    I can't imagine it's the white rice that's making this gentleman's dogs look so good (it's more likely the raw chicken if anything).

    I'll give my dog cooked white rice when he has the runs. Usually with boiled chicken and canned pumpkin. This combo gets him back on track fairly quickly.

    I doubt the white rice has much nutritional value.

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    Have to agree....rice is a filler just like other was more than likely the raw chicken!

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    When Fat Bruce is rehab dogs that have been starved for the shelter he uses rice to slow down the digestion process, so they can get nutrients out of the other stuff they feed.
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    i have always used rice to firm up loose stool
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    Its more of a filler and assists with correcting stool but even in that its the lesser of all the ingredient that helps....his dogs looked like that more so from genetics n the raw meat...

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    I sometimes put rice in my mixes and also put rice with pasta, they chow it.
    I do how ever use brown rice when available (more nutrients) and wheat pasta. Regular white rice and regular pasta (both cooked) as well at times.
    I do think that how ever that the raw makes them look better not the rice.
    my page has what my mix is and what i feed, also at times feed the raw in AM then put down pasta & rice latter in the day.
    My mix i make i have at times put the raw mix along with cooked rice &
    pasta all together and i freeze it in 2 pound chubs works well for me and my dogs like it, poppabill.

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    Rice carries some nutritional value but not like a meat. Rice is much better than all the other grains. It has less of an oppurtunity for aflatoxins which are the main cause of a lot of the food recalls and usually it's the corn in the food. Rice is also less of a stressor on digestive systems than other fillers. Out of all the add ons that can come in a diet rice is a good one but dogs are canines and meat is always the #1 ingrediant requirement. I make sure that there is at least 2 of the top 3 ingredients being a meat or meat meal. By products are bad. I tried raw and when you get the right mixture of ingrediants for each dog it is probably the best diet when using quality human grade meats and such. However, It's hard to feed more than 1-3 dogs this diet. It becomes very expensive and time consuming and again is hard to get a consistant mixture of the ingrediants. Dogs need a steady amount of the right nutrients. Even when feeding them good food if it doesn't come at an equal amount of the same thing everyday it seems to upset their stomachs. I've had great luck with the amount of dogs I have , 7, feeding Diamond Naturals Large Breed 60+, Diamond Naturals Chicken and Rice, and Diamond Naturals Extreme Athelete. The dogs love it, there is less crap, and they stay lean, muscular, and healthy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RABK View Post
    Dogs need a steady amount of the right nutrients. Even when feeding them good food if it doesn't come at an equal amount of the same thing everyday it seems to upset their stomachs.
    You also have to watch for companies trying cost cutting measures, putting a cheaper version of something in, they dont have to change the label but it is not as good, and shows up mostly in loose stool, because of the inconsistency!

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