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    There has been a lot of discussions and questions ask about a puppy/dogs weight at a certain age. Here is a chart that I use on most of our dogs to keep track of there growth up to 1 year old. This is a good tool to watch how breedings mature and get some idea of how the pups may turn out at a year old . This takes a lot of time and consistant weighing with a good set of scales. This is Supermans chart and it will give you some idea of the weight tread . Notice at around 8.5 months old he is starting to level off and increases are very slight and actually will loose weight in some weeks up to 1 year. I hope this will put a little light on the subject.

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    Apparently after the 9 months he grew only about 2 or 3 pounds more until he was 1 year old. How much more was that he grew after the first year, I mean final weight as a complete adult . (of course that we are talking about Superman that is not your regular AB). is this chart similar for females ?
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    Males will continue to gain small amounts of weight until 3 or 4 years old The females have a more slower trend and usually takes them until 14 to 16 months to reach the same percentage of growth rate as the males.
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    Dang Mitchell that almost has mean convinced to pop for a digital scale!

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    Default Great info

    Thanks for posting this. What I found most interesting is how steady the trajectory of growth is between 0-8.5 months. You'd think there would be spurts, but there you have it. My boy is 22 weeks on Tuesday and 63lbs. Pretty dead on with this chart.

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    thank you for the info gives good insight.

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    This is a good method of keeping records on weights. What program did you use? Thanks for posting this up.

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    this is great info. my ab seems to be following this chart within 5-8lbs.. he seems to have hit a growth spurt since 22wks now..

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    How much did the pup in the chart weigh at 2 years and again at three years?

    Thanks for the chart,

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