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    I read in here a long time ago that some folks use Apple Cider vinegar to help control fleas... I'm wondering how much do you use per gallon of water. I've just been putting a splash in with the water in my dogs bowl in the past, but lately I hadn't been using it. It's starting to get warm again when it's not raining so I want to start using it and I think I'm putting tto much in my dogs water. I'm using a 5 gallon bucket and when it was half empty I went to fill it up with the water hose and it started foaming up like I had put some dish soap in it. I think that means I'm using too much !! How much should I use ???

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    Here is a really good article I found on another board about ACV.
    It says to use as a rinse on your dog after a bath for fleas though...
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    Default Thnaks linda..

    That was a good read!

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    Default hey james

    I also put it in everyones water. I use 2-3 teaspoons per gallon of water and haven't seen a flea yet! I also put some garlic powder in their kibble.

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    Forgot wear i read it Sgaris but Garlic Powder is a nice deterrent as well its in both of my pups meal regime....and im going to start back using Apple Cidar Vinegar in the water as well since we are dang near in spring weather her in ole San Antonio Texas

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    Mine was an old wives tale LOL but Garlic has so many benefits for them it can't hurt anyways...

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    i have used apple cider with my cats as well as my dogs, i was told to start out with a small amt until you work up to dogs drank it and didnt have cats, they were to smart, they would drink out the tub or the shower floor, fish bowl, so i gave up with the cats. i personally use brewers yeast to retard fleas in both my cats and dogs
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    Default ?

    Does the garlic powder make the dogs smell a lilttle more than usual?

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    I recently started adding Apple cider vinegar to my dogs water along with garlic powder in their food. How long does it take untill you see results?

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