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    I was just wondering can anyone suggest a dog food that helps elimate the bad gas my AB dogs have. Or maybe what to add to their diet to help elimate it?

    Right now they are on pedigree healthy vitality.

    Thanks Amanda

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    I use a suplement made by natur-vet. It is Enzymes & probiotics. It has helped a lot. Also helps keep a healthy digestion. Eagle pack also makes a good product called holistic solutions.

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    Not trying to be rude or offensive but I would invest in a better quality dogfood. Pedigree is not a very good dog food. I would suggest something that has meats as its 1st and main ingredients. Here is a helpful site, if you think about changing dog foods...
    A good quality dogfood will also have probiotics in it too, like jamh mentioned.
    I doubt if you can ever solve the bulldog gas problems, no matter what food they are eating. but if they have a good digestable food it will help.
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    Default just like people

    they have different reactions to different types of foods and ingredients. If you feed a lessor quality food it will increase the chance of gas. It is a big factor for me as my place is extremely small, my entire home is only about 1000 square feet and my living room is the size of a medium sized kitchen LOL! When my dog lets one loose, beleive me.. I get every freaking vapor! I have to go blow my nose to get rid of the smell ! My girl is a lot less toxic (lol!) now that she's on Eagle pack Holistic. I ran out of it and there's only one store that sells it in my area and it was closed for the next 2 days. I had to get her some grocery store food for a couple days and I tell you.. I might as well have fed her Taco Bell and starbucks for those 3 days !!! She was an outside dog for the last 2 of those 3 days and she was not happy.. Neither were the neighbors LOL!

    The probiotic and enzymes supplement stuff seemed to help my last dog till I swithced her completley over...

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    Default Try Abady dog food

    Abady make a really fine dog food. Suggest you give it a try. They have a very informative website also. They advocate high protein. I think that's a good idea too, except for growing pups.

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    Sgaris Guest


    Go to dog food and select anything three star or higher. A lot of the gas (although it's a bulldog thing HA!) comes from the corn, cheap grains, preservatives and stuff.

    Becareful if you select that Abady dog food. The large breed puppy formula has 2.5% calcium which is very high. Most large breed formulas only have .8% or .9%. It also is 36% and 22% fat. Combined with the calcium ratio I think it would cause issues later.

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    Default Abady

    I agree about not using Abady puppy food. But their adult stuff is very good. Puppy stuff will make your dog grow way to fast.

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    Sgaris Guest


    The adult formula listed on their page is also pretty high in Calcium at 2.6% and contains by products and lard. Prob not the best thing to choose but if it works for your dogs then that's great.

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    I feed Artemis large breed puppy with excelent results. Shiny healthy coat and small tight stools. I order from the distributor and it is shipped to my house for $59.00

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    Default ouch!

    Quote Originally Posted by jamh View Post
    I feed Artemis large breed puppy with excelent results. Shiny healthy coat and small tight stools. I order from the distributor and it is shipped to my house for $59.00
    $59 bucks a bag? 35 lb bag.... I don't feel so bad about what I pay now.. LOL! I pay $47 bucks for 35 lbs.. Natural Holistic, which now has a new packaging and went up a $48

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